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The raid

The boys were working the fields while their parents were back at the farm. Findar and Aragorn were in the field, hoeing. Sneaky was off watching the sheep. All three boys had their slings, they never went anywhere without them. Sneaky had the old knife that he always carried with him. The older boys had the boar spears they carried in case of wolves or, you know, boars.

Sneaky was the first to see the goblins. Though he had never seen one before he knew what they were from the stories his father told at night, delighting in scaring the boys. For one moment he stood in shock, then he yelled a warning to his brothers and pulled out his sling.

The elder boys looked up in surprise, first looking at their brother, then each other, then, finally at the distant woods. It did not take them any longer to recognize the eight creatures running towards them. The too, unlimbered their slings and started them spinning.

Two of the goblins had bows while the other six were armed with wicked, curved short bladed swords and shields. The boys aimed their stones at the archers first. Aragorn killed one with a stone to the head. The other fired, putting an arrow through his arm. Sneaky’s next stone killed the second archer while Findar’s wounded one of the charging goblins.

Sneaky dropped to the ground and hid, waiting for the goblins to pass. The other boys fired another round of stones, with Aragorn killing another goblin. The remaining raiders continued their charge but as they passed, Sneaky lept out of hiding and killed the wounded goblin as he lagged behind his companions.

With this death the goblins had lost half of their numbers and turned to flee. They elder boys jumped the wall and pursued as did Sneaky. Sneaky, being closer, killed another goblin while his brothers passed him. They caught the raiders at the edge of the forrest and Findar killed the sixth goblin, but the other two were able to make good their escape.

The boys treated Aragorn’s wound then searched the bodies. The corpses gave up more money, electrum pieces, than the boys had ever seen in one place. They also took armor, swords and bows.

Leading Aragorn back to the farm they ran into their father, racing towards them with a spear and shield. The four of them returned to the farm. Father ordered Sneaky and Findar to go ahead and warn the village. The rest of the family would follow, bringing the sheep, the milk cow and some possessions in the cart.

Sneaky and Findar raced towards the village, Sneaky taking the lead as he was naturally faster and not wearing newly looted chainmail. He was moving so quickly that he ran into a clearing and was half way across before he realized that it contained four more goblins. Sneaky turned and ran as his brother fired an arrow past him, missing the goblins but slowing their pursuit.

With some distance between himself and the raiders, Sneaky turned and fired, also missing. Three of the goblins were in pursuit while the fourth pulled out a bow and prepared to fire. Sneaky killed one of the pursuing goblins, with an arrow while Findar killed the archer. He then charged, slaying a goblin, lopping off its head in a dramatic display of gore. The final goblin hesitated, giving Sneaky the chance he needed to get behind him and bury his dagger in his back.

The two boys left the bodies where they lay, knowing their family could search them if they had time. They continued their run to the village. When they reached it the village looked normal, a jarring shock after the morning of blood they had experienced. They raced into the village sounding the alarm. Some people looked on in disbelief but the older men recognized their arms and armor and knew that the goblins were raiding again.

The bell started tolling and the militia turned out. Goblins were seen in the tree line as Aragorn and the parents arrived at the village, and safety…


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